Sarah Dow MacGregor Committee

Brief sketch of the life of Sarah Dow MacGregor

You, who never knew Sarah Dow MacGregor, have missed a great deal. Although she has been gone from our midst for many years, she is very vivid in the memory of us who knew her as a gracious, charming lady who always had a pleasant word for everyone.

Coming from Kennebunk, Maine to attend New Hampton School, she was a very tall, slender girl of fourteen. After graduating from the school at the age of seventeen she was married, on the Christmas day following, to Walter R. Dow, a local boy.

The Warren Harvey home on the Old Bristol Road, is the home, which they built and occupied for many years. The second floor of the house was purposely left unfinished so that the young people of the town could meet there for dances. With Walter playing the violin and Sarah at the piano there was many a gay evening.

Although Sarah was a wealthy woman, because of the large estate to which she had fallen heir, they always lived very simply, preferring to use this inheritance for worthy causes. Sarah loved her town and filled many important positions in the church, in the clubs, and as a long time trustee of both the Gordon-Nash Library and the New Hampton School. The Golden Rule Farm for Boys was always a pet project where she also served as a trustee.

After the sudden death of Walter Dow, Sarah spent several lonely years until her marriage to Rev. Charles P. MacGregor. At the news of this marriage some of the small children of the village were very upset. Marianne Bickford was in tears as she asked her mother if her dear Aunt Sarah had really married that awful Mr. MacGregor who was so mean to Peter Rabbit?

The MacGregors spent several happy years in his home in Concord. After his death Sarah spent her remaining years there.

Always thinking of the needs of others, Sarah carefully planned the bequests in her will to bring happiness when she was no longer living. The four largest bequests were made equally to the New Hampton Community Church, the New Hampton School, The Golden Rule Farm and to the Town of New Hampton. The bequest to the town was to be used to receive education beyond what is furnished at public expense.

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