Assessment Appeals

Property Assessment Record Cards, detailing your assessment are available at the Selectmen’s Office upon request.  There is no charge for your personal property card but there is a $1.00 charge for copies of property cards for parcels, which you do not own.

RSA 76:16 allows for Municipalities to abate taxes "for good cause shown". Good cause shown is generally established by showing an error in the assessment calculation or a disproportionate assessment. Good cause can also be established by showing poverty and inability to pay the tax. If the abatement application is based on disproportionate assessment, the taxpayer has the burden to show how the assessment was disproportionate.

A taxpayer may request a Taxpayer’s RSA 76:16 Abatement Application to Municipality from the New Hampton Selectmen’s Office after receipt of their 2nd tax bill (fall).

The taxpayer must file the abatement application with the municipality by March 1 following the notice of tax.