Current Use Assessment


The Department of Revenue declared that it is in "the public interest to encourage the preservation of open space, thus providing a healthful and attractive outdoor environment for work and recreation of the states’ citizens, maintaining the character of the state’s landscape, and conserving the land, water, forest, agricultural and wildlife resources”. The means for encouraging preservation of open space is the assessment of land value for property taxation on the basis of its present use rather than its highest potential use.


To qualify for Current Use taxation the parcel must be:

Type of Land

Size of Parcel


Farm Land

10 acres or more

...unless land is producing $2500 or more per year in agricultural or horticulture crops – then any size qualifies.

Forest Land

10 acres or more



10 acres or more

Incapable of producing a farm or forest crop


Combination of 10 acres or more



Any size

Optional 100 foot buffer/ Unimproved and in natural state

  • One time 10% use change tax is assessed based on current market value at the time use changes to a non-qualifying use.
  • Can sell or subdivide without penalty, if parcels are still at least 10 acres in size.
  • Encumbrance remains with land, no matter who owns it.
  • No "buy out” provisions exist.


Applications for Current Use Form A-10, obtained from the Selectmen’s Office or the NH DRA website, must be submitted to Selectmen’s Office on or before April 15th. In addition to the completed application, a detailed map showing the areas in Current Use and Not in Current Use and additional registry fees are required upon submission. If you have further questions please call the Selectmen’s Office. 

Click here to access the NH Dept. of Revenue Administration website to see the Current Use booklet which contains current use rules and criteria.


A 10% use change tax is assessed based on current market value at the time the use changes to a non-qualifying use. A non-qualifying event is:

  1. The land is physically changed (ie. driveway, structures, septic, utilities, etc.).
  2. The size no longer conforms to the 10-acre minimum.
  3. Topsoil or gravel is removed and sold.