Ordinances & Regulations


Dog Ordinance
Earth Excavation Regulations (Amended 9/21/21)
Hawkers and Peddlers Ordinance
        Hawkers and Peddlers Application Form
Noise Ordinance
Ordinance to Prevent Hazards to Public Safety on Town Roads
Parking Ordinance
Parking, Standing & Stopping Ordinance
Policy Regarding Construction on Class VI Roads
Public Drinking Ordinance
Road Weight Ordinance
Skateboarding Ordinance
Street Numbering Ordinance
Stop, Yield & Traffic Control Ordinance
Solid Waste Ordinance
Traffic Control Officer Ordinance


Subdivision Regulations
     Application for Subdivision Approval
     Subdivision checklist

Site Plan Regulations
      Application for Site Plan Approval
      Site Plan checklist – MUST be completed and submitted with application

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance (Amended March 2023) with Addendum - Flood Plain Development Ordinance (Note: Zoning Maps must be viewed separately; see below)

Zoning Maps

Click here to view a PDF version of the 2006 Town of New Hampton Zoning Map
              NOTE: The zoning map is a large file - and will take some time to download...
             Waukewan Watershed Overlay District Map

Zoning Board Appeal Application and Process

Print the Application for Appeal by clicking on the appropriate type of Appeal (below) that you are applying for: 

  1. Complete the Application
    • Abutter's Names and Addresses can be obtained at the Selectmen's Office during their normal business hours.
    • Call the office to get the current cost of certified/registered mail when determining application fees.
  2. Submit the completed application with applicable fees to the Selectmen's Office.

Note: The meeting and submission dates are available under "Zoning Board/Adjustment"