New Hampton Historical Society

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New Hampton Historical Society
Post Office Box 422, New Hampton, NH 03256-0422

The New Hampton Historical Society is a not-for-profit educational organization whose mission is to research and preserve the history of the town of New Hampton through its collection of historical material and its buildings, and to share the rich heritage of the town with residents, visitors, and students through exhibitions, programs, interpretations, and presentations.
 The New Hampton Historical Society, established in 1945, is dedicated to historic preservation and education. The Society collects and preserves artifacts and information from and about the Town of New Hampton. These collections include items pertaining to the town’s Historic One Room Schools, local farming and industries, the local Grange, the New Hampton School and people of the town.
The New Hampton Historical Society each year provides about eight monthly programs between September and June of the following year. These events and the Societies monthly Board of Directors meetings are held at the Gordon-Nash Library, located at 69 Main Street, New Hampton.