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Tax Credits and Exemptions
Tax Credits available for New Hampton property owners:

    Veteran's standard tax credit ($500)
    All Veteran's Tax Credit ($500)
    Service Connected Total Disability credit ($2,000)

Tax Credits are deducted from the taxes due.

Exemptions available for New Hampton property owners:

Elderly  as follows:
Income and Asset Limitations
Income - Single
Income - Married          
Asset Limit - Single / Married
Amount of Exemption
65 to 74 years of age       
75 to 79 years of age       
80+ years of age
Disabled (based on qualifying improvements to property)
Blind ($15,000)
Exemptions are deducted from the assessed value of the property prior to applying the tax rate.

All credits and exemptions require submission of a completed Form PA-29, Permanent Application For Property Tax Credit/Exemptions, which may be obtained at the Selectmen’s Office or mailed by request. Additional documentation is required with submission of the application. Please contact the Selectmen’s Office for list of required documentation and qualification guidelines.