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Grange Hall
Grange Hall, Main Street (current location)
2 ½ stories, 31’ x 58’

The Grange building is 191 yrs old and it is a significant piece of New Hampton’s history.  The building has been in three (3) different locations.  First built and used as a Chapel (next to the Old Town House), then classrooms for the Institute in the Village, then to its present location on Main Street and was used for close to 85 years as the “Grange Hall”.  The New Hampton Community Church acquired the building in 1995 with the intention of utilizing the building and providing meeting space and a community center.  For 15 years it was used for community gatherings, town board meetings, the Church’s Sunday school and other events. 

The Board of Selectmen was advised the fall of 2016 that the Church had determined they had no use for the building and planned to demolish it in November of 2016, to make room for more parking and/or possible additions to the Church building.  The Board met with Church members and asked for a stay in their plans to allow the Town to explore the possible options to save the Grange.  The Church membership and Pastor agreed to postpone until the Town votes.  

Preliminary investigation was done on the condition of the building and the possibility of moving the building from the present site, but further evaluation is needed in order to present to the voters a final recommendation to move forward.
The Board of Selectmen presented warrant articles to the voters for authorization to further investigate the possibility of moving the building back to its original location, explore and propose future uses for the building, evaluate the condition and need for repair or improvement.  These findings will be presented to the voters at a Special Town Meeting in the summer of 2017.

Click here for information provided to voters prior to the 2017 March Town Meeting.  This includes information on the Grange building's history, its past locations and uses, and additional photographs.

Click here for a review of the Warrant Articles presented to the voters at the 2017 March Town Meeting.

Click here for the original action by Town Meeting in 1826, permitting the New Hampton Academy to erect a building adjacent to the Town House.

Click here to view an artist's rendition of Meeting House Lane from 1826-1911. Artist: Harry Moulton